Department of Periodontal Disease

The Department of Periodontal Disease is concerned in the treatment of gum diseases and the tissues that support the teeth, it has 5 dental units. The Department provides a treatment and awareness services for oral and dental health in general and gum diseases and supporting tissues in particular.

- The operation practices were at first confined to lectures and training students to remove lime plaque from teeth and give instructions to oral health care, and a few simple surgical interventions, and at the present time can determine the goals section of the following points:
- -The practical exercises at the beginning were shortened to lectures and training students to remove calcareous deposits of teeth and give instructions to care for oral health and a few minor surgical interventions, at the present time, we can specify the objectives of the Department with the following points:
- -Therapeutic and preventive aspect: Currently, the Department covers all the cases of disease that related to gum disease and around the teeth which referred to it, in addition to the protective aspect.


"Providing excellent service to patients and training students at various levels."

Department of Periodontal Disease


"Contributing to establish a healthy community, well of gum disease and supporting dental tissues. Raising health awareness regarding to oral and dental hygiene."

Department of Periodontal Disease

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