Department of Industrial Substitution

The Department of Industrial Substitution is a branch of Dentistry which is interested in oral rehabilitation, restoration of the damage that may occur in teeth, tooth loss indemnity, and rehabilitation of the damage resulting from the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The Department is specialized in scientific material teaching, with its both theoretical aspect and preclinical, clinical training, within an integrated scientific curriculum which based on the principle of integration between all the sciences of dentistry in the sixth and seventh semesters, it will continue to be taught until the tenth semester with the rest of the dental science, in the concept of holistic care for the patient

- The objective of the Department is to graduate high-qualified dentists in the field of dental prosthodontics. Through its curriculum that is taught to students who will be able to serve the community after graduation, through their service in various health centers.


" Our endeavour is to make the Department distinguished and pioneered locally and regionally, in the field of industrial substitution science education and to provide advanced treatment service in the field of industrial substitution and dental implants. The Department also seeks to prepare highly-qualified dentists in industrial substitution sciences, who will be able to meet the needs of society in this field."

Department of Industrial Substitution


"Applied scientific excellence in the science of Industrial Substitution through educational programs that involving the theoretical, clinical training and scientific research thesis, in addition to providing comprehensive countervailing treatments."

Department of Industrial Substitution

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