About the Faculty

Faculty of Dentistry was established in 2001 in Wad Medani city, it is the first Faculty that was established outside Khartoum capital of Sudan. The Faculty adopts the philosophy of University of Gezira in serving and solving the problems of the community and promoting preventive and curative oral health services. The first batch was the batch 24th which graduated in 2007. The Faculty of Dentistry aims to graduate a distinguished dentist who is virtuous, able to develop his/her abilities through self-education, and who must be committed to teamwork.


Excellence in teaching dentistry, graduate student and scientific research, providing high-quality treatment and preventive services that related to issues and problems of society.


contribute to the development of oral health in Sudan General and the state of Al Gezira in particular. This is done by: Training and graduation distinctive staff. Conduct scientific research that meet society's need. Patient care in an integrated balanced framework in a safe healthy environment. Contributing to the development of oral health in Sudan in general and the State of Gezira in particular. This is done by: Training and graduating a distinguished cadre, conducting scientific research that meets the needs of the community, caring of patients in a balanced and integrated framework within a safe and secure environment, supplying the graduates with knowledge, skill and professionalism that enable them to perform their work perfectly. Following the quality system and exploiting modern technologies to develop the profession, serving the community in implementation of the comprehensive national strategy of the State.

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